5 reasons to stay Central
  • 1. You are closer to attractions
  • 2. Save money on daily transport
  • 3. Multiple dining choices and cuisine types
  • 4. Safety and security
  • 5. Excellent access to major airports
Frequently Asked Questions
Making a reservation
Can I book a room without a viewing? Yes, However, on arrival should you wish to change your room, this would be subject to an additional administration cost and availability.

Booking the accommodation You can reserve your room by clicking on the "Book Now" button.This will then take you into the on-line booking system and a few short easy steps will enable you to reserve your room and sign your tenancy agreement on line. Please be aware that if you are using a Guarantor, the booking will not be complete until they too have signed your accommodation contract and we have sent you a confirmation.

Can I live with my friends? As part of the on-line booking process you can reserve a whole flat for you and your friends under our Group Booking page. Please follow the instructions when making your booking.

What is the Security Deposit? The Security Deposit is payable as part of the process to reserve a room. Once this fee is paid, no one else can book that room, provided that you sign and return your documentation within the required timescales. Failure to do this may result in your chosen room being released for re-sale.

It is also security against any damage to the accommodation or unpaid rent. The Security Deposit is secured in our chosen government recognised scheme; the Deposit Protection Service (DPS) or Letting Protection Service (LPS) – for properties in Scotland only, until the end of your period of stay with us. The amount paid is returned to you via the DPS/LPS at the end of the tenancy subject to any outstanding rent or damage charges.

Booking Fee; where this is applicable, is not treated as a Security Deposit and is non-refundable (other than under the "cooling off" period. Please refer to our cancellation policy).

Deposit information
What happens to my Security Deposit? Your deposit is secured with either the Deposit Protection Service (DPS) or Letting Protection Service (LPS) if you're staying in a property in Scotland and they will hold your payment until the end of your stay.

You will receive an e-mail from DPS/LPS to confirm that the money has been secured with them and providing you with a Deposit ID and a Repayment ID this information is important and you will need it at the end of your stay. Please ensure that you keep it safe.

How is my Security Deposit returned to me? At the end of your stay , you will be invited to organise a check out inspection of your flat/room with the Hospitality Team on your site. This is your opportunity to discuss with the Team any damages and agree any charges if applicable. If you are unable to attend a check out inspection, you will be able to take advantage of our fast-track check out and the flat inspection will be conducted in your absence.

The DPS or LPS (as appropriate) will be instructed to pay back the Security Deposit to you, less any agreed charges, to your nominated bank account. This is when your Deposit ID and Repayment ID will be required, (as indicated). There are four basic steps to the process, see below.

In the event that subsequent charges cannot be agreed, DPS/LPS will offer an arbitration service.

1. Mansion Student instruct the Deposit Protection Service (DPS)/Letting Protections Service (LPS) to release your deposit (subject to any outstanding rent or check out charges)

2. Mansion Student will email you within 28 days of your check out to confirm step 1 is complete and to advise of the next action you should take

3. On receipt of our instruction, the DPS/LPS will contact you promptly by email or post to advise you to log on to their website to reclaim/release your deposit

4. You will arrange with the DPS or LPS where and how you want the money to be paid. The DPS/LPS state that it will take up to 10 calendar days to repay this money to you (although international bank transfers may take longer).

Deposit Protection Service (DPS) / Letting Protection Service (LPS) Booking Fee: If you have paid a booking fee this is non-refundable and is not treated as a security deposit by Mansion Student.

Contract information
Can I move in before the start date? This may be possible at some locations, but you should speak to the Hospitality Team at your chosen location in the first instance to discuss you requirements.

Can I extend my contract length? This may be possible at some locations, but you should speak to the Hospitality Team at your chosen location in the first instance to discuss you requirements.

Can I shorten my contract length or pull out of my contract? No, unless you are able to find a replacement tenant, as defined in the Terms and Conditions of your Offer.

Your contract is a legally binding document and you should make sure that you read the terms, understand them and are willing to comply with them throughout your stay. Ask for help from someone more experienced if there is anything you are not sure about or contact us with any queries.

What happens to my contract if I leave University for any reason? You must notify us immediately if your student status changes or you leave University. You will still be responsible for the rent until you or we find a replacement tenant for your Accommodation. We shall be entitled assist you in this once all our other Accommodation is taken.

Changes to tenancy £75 to cancel a signed accommodation contract or make changes to a signed accommodation contract - for example changing your Guarantor details.

Guarantors What is a Guarantor?
A guarantor is a person who is willing to pay your rent, if you are unable to do so.

Who can be a Guarantor?
A guarantor must be a UK resident, over the age of 25 and financially independent. They can be a family member, other relative or friend provided that they meet the above qualifying criteria.

What does a Guarantor need to do?
A guarantor will be required to sign a copy of your Offer and understand their liabilities in this regard. If you have chosen to use a guarantor, your booking with us will not be complete until they have signed the necessary documentation and we have confirmed that your booking with us is complete.

Payments and charges information
Payment Dates - 2013/14 1 Instalment Option - Due 1st August 2013
3 Instalment Option - Due 1st September 2013
-Due 2nd January 2014
-Due 2nd April 2014

10 Instalment Option
- Due 1st September 2013 for 10 months
- Due 1st June 2014 being the last payment date

Additional Fees and Charges Connection Fee - £100.00; is a contribution towards internet provision and TV licence for the TV provided by Mansion Student. It is payable in full, in advance of the start of your tenancy and if it is to be charged, it will be shown on your tenancy agreement.

Instalment Fee - £100.00; if you select to pay your rent in monthly instalments, this fee will apply. It is payable in full, in advance of the start of your tenancy and if it is to be charged, it will be shown on your tenancy agreement.

Utility Fee - £195.00; where this is applicable, it is a one-off advance payment towards utility charges for the year. If it is to be charged, it will show on your tenancy agreement.

Arrears Charge - £25.00; if we need to write to you if your student account falls into an unauthorised arrears position, arrears charges and interest may be applied to your account. Full details can be found in the terms and conditions and in our Arrears Policy.

Administration Fee –£25.00 If we have to arrange for work to be carried out as a result of you not complying with the terms and conditions, then we shall charge an administration fee.

Car parking – if car parking is available at your chosen location, this will be subject to an additional agreement and additional charges, specific to your chosen location.

How do I make a payment? - You can visit the Hospitality Office at your chosen location and make a payment using your debit or credit card.

- You can set up Direct Debit payments and this can be done as part of the on-line booking process or by downloading a direct debit form to complete. (Please note that the deadline for submitting these details for the 2013/14 academic year in time for your first rent payment is 10 days before your first payment is due.

What if I am using my Student Loan to pay my rent and I have not received by the rent due date? If your student loan will not be paid to you in time to meet your rent payment dates, you may request to delay your rent payment. Please see the section below "deferments" for a full explanation of how you may do this.

Moving in information
Can I move in without paying my first rent instalment? No. All rent and any other payments due on or before your check in date, must be paid. The only time this will not apply is if you have requested and received confirmation that your request has been approved, to defer your rent payment date.

Arrival Please note: Check-in is not 24-hours and you should always check with your Hospitality Team prior to your arrival to ensure that you can gain access to your accommodation.

Check-in Appointments To ensure that your check-in is quick and simple, it is advisable to contact your Hospitality Team to arrange a check-in appointment prior to your arrival.

Parking for Check in Where your location has a car park, this will be made available for unloading your possessions; however, the length of stay may be restricted in accordance with the number of parking bays available. Your Hospitality Team will advise you.

Can I move in early? This may be possible at some locations, but you should speak to the Hospitality Team at your chosen location in the first instance to discuss you requirements.

What do I need to bring with me on arrival? Please ensure that all documentation requested by us has been fully signed and returned to us. Ensure that all payments due have been made and that you have provided a copy of your student loan schedule where applicable.

Failure to complete and return the necessary documents or payments will inevitably cause you and others delay at Check in.

Please see our useful check list of other things you may wish to bring with you. Check list.

Can I move rooms? Should you wish to move rooms you must contact the Hospitality Team. They will, wherever possible try and accommodate your requirements. If you have signed your tenancy agreement, a charge of £75.00 will apply and must be paid prior to moving rooms. Please bear in mind that not all requests can be granted.

Moving out When it comes to the moving out dates, the accommodation will issue you with instructions covering the procedures to follow, arranging a check out inspection and will also advise on how your security deposit will be returned to you if applicable.